Monday, 20 December 2010

Best catherdral in the world

As the Cambridge Market was cancelled today I took the opportunity to get some of my own Christmas shopping done in Lincoln.
The phone doesn't really do it justice but you get a sense of the amazing view we had going back to the car this afternoon.
Like something from a Turner painting- the catherdral just floated there in the last rays of the sunshine and the mist. We stopped and just marvelled at it.
We see this wonderful cathedral practically ever week in all its moods and I never tire of it. Today was the most beautiful I've ever seen it and its a shame I didn't have a decent camera on me!
Thought I'd share that with you lot. Hopefully back on All Saints tomorrow and hope to do every day, up to and including Christmas Eve. Weather permitting, of course!


  1. Lincoln Cathedral is indeed majestic. I hope you got my pressie, sis! :-)

  2. Couldn't get the colour you wanted in the surgical stockings so I had to go for something else in the end