Sunday, 30 May 2010

Got my maker's mark

I've officially registered with the Birmingham Assay Office now, so all my sterling silver jewellery (over 7 gramms) will be hallmarked in accordance with the law.
Any item of silver must be hallmarked now if it's above a certain weight. Otherwise I would have to say "white metal", not sterling silver. So bear with me for a few weeks as I get used to all this- it may mean that some heavier items take a few days longer to get made.
I've got my very own maker's mark which you'll see on my jewellery from now on.
For a little while, some of my pieces on the craft market will be unhallmarked as I can't send it off to Birmingham all at once- I'd have no stock!
From now on, anything over the legal weight that's ordered on my website will be hallmarked.
More peace of mind for my customers and added kudos for Arcturus! (Feel all grown up now!)
Pictures of the new enamels and blue amber as they emerge too...

Whitby Gothic Weeed

Had a lovely time up in Whitby last month- (must get some pictures up!)
If you've never been before, it's a great place to visit at any time. When the assorted characters descend on the town for the twice yearly Gothic Weekends there's never a dull moment!
Be sure to dress up to the nines or you'll feel terribly undersdressed! Looking forward to the next one in October. Halloween, of course...