Thursday, 25 June 2009


Now here's a nice hefty chunk of blue amber:

I've named it "Azul", the spanish word for blue. And very blue it is too. This one's £320 and will be on the main site very soon.
I've got some special sale prices on a handful of my blue amber pieces on the stall in Cambridge this weekend- catch them at the stand- (I'm running out of room on the stall!) If there are any unsold after the weekend I'll post them online at the new reduced price next week.
Get in there quick!

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Well, it looked a little like a bell, what else would it be called?!
I do like this one. Lovely blue colours on a simple bail. Measures around 25mm x 20mm.
It will be on the web early next week for £140. If you can't wait that long, come and see me at the market! Remember, fridays start this week at All Saints so there's no excuse!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New wedding pics

Here's a photo from one of my brides, Tamsin.

It's lovely when I get these sent to me- keep them coming!

New Blog, New Blue Amber

Hi there, Hope you are all locating my new blog successfully until I get brave enough to tackle changing the links! The web updating is still abit new and scary. Plus, I did manage to undo some of Sue's work the last time I had a bit of a play...

Right. Let's see how I upload a photo on this blog...

Ta da!
So far so good. This little beauty is called "Maelstrom" as the colours just swirl around in it so well. It's £120 and will be going on sale on the main website very shortly.
More to come!