Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bear with me during website change over!

Just a quick note to say that I'm in the process of transferring my existing web address to a new server with a brand new website.
There might be a couple of days when my website is down due to some issues with getting my new website pointed to the domain name. The same goes for my e-mail, so just in case my e-mail goes down for a short amount of time, e-mail me at

I wish I hadn't Googled "problems with hosting with 1&1"....
Oh dear.
Hopefully it's me being thick and not due to the various failings people have flagged up with my new provider...

Remember that I have three Etsy shops (which will be where you buy my stuff from now on anyway, as my new website is more of a portal than anything else...)

All bases covered for now...!