Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Yay! Managed to get the photo up!

Doesn't it look pretty?!
As much as I love the snow I want it to go away before the weekend! Unless you all want to shop online this year and save me getting cold...
now that would be nice!
To that end, I do promise to put more goodies online in the next few days, including some lovely labradorite one-off necklaces for the festive season.
They will appear here instead of on my main website as I don't have a separate page for one-offs unless it's blue amber.
It's about time I paid more attention to my website!

Snow stops play

Should be a nice picture of my garden here...
All sorts of issues with my PC at the moment- non FastHosts related this time!
All I see is a white space- in fact- maybe the picture is already up!!
Might have to do indoors things today as I don't fancy the trip to my "summerhouse" workshop! I know it's only a couple of yards but if the schools are closed then I'm doing the same!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Blue Amber

About time I got some new blue amber up here! These will be available for sale either online or at Cambridge. Going to be a chilly one this week...

Thursday, 18 November 2010

All working again

My website is working again thank goodness.
I should really thank Fasthosts after my lovely webmaster/sister tried to resolve it with them, but as they got it working and then tried to tell us that nothing was wrong with it, they have blotted their copybook somewhat!
I think that the server is deliberatly trying to send us both round the bend!
Alls well that ends well as they say.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Website problems

You may have noticed that there seems to be a problem viewing items on my website.
Rest assured I'm working on getting it back to normal just as soon as possible.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Price Increases

Unfortunately due to the near doubling of the price of silver over the last year, I'm gradually putting my prices up to reflect this.
I was hoping to hold off until after Christmas but I'm finding a rather large gap emerging between my takings and my ability to buy more raw materials, which, in November when I'm building up stock, is rather a big issue.
So from today, you'll start to see my internet prices rise by a few pounds here and there, depending on the item, and after this weekend, the items on my stall.
So if you want to do your Christmas shopping, I'd advise you to do it this weekend in Cambridge before the price increase!


Had a great time in Whitby for Halloween weekend- nice to see a few familiar faces there.
Really should have taken some photos but was having far too much fun!
Good to have both the usual Arcturus stall and Captain Hieronymous Bartholomew's Impossible Fossils sharing the same table! Space is always at a premium at Cambridge so The Captain doesn't always get any selling space.
Follow that blog on
www.impossiblefossils.blogspot.com where you'll find a growing range of Steampunk styles for the discening adventurer or time traveller!