Monday, 24 January 2011

Lovely, Lovely Labradorite

Getting a little obsessed with the stuff!

I'm starting to get a little more creative with my photographs as I've got some time to spare. (not much stock to replace after my first day back on sunday!)Oh well, onwards and upwards. My improvised light box is a white cardboard box with a massive great halogen light stuck in it that needs turning off every minute or so to stop the nasty burning carpet smell.
Sue's had great results from her proper lightbox and, as always, I try and find a way of doing it without parting with any cash. The next stage of this process will be much swearing, singed cardboard, carpet and possibly cat and eventually I will give in and buy something fit for purpose.
Fed up with being poor!
This particular piece of jewellery is £78 by the way...