Friday, 18 December 2009

I'm not listening to any more weather forecasts...

Sorry to anyone who did make it into Cambridge today and found me not there. The markets manager took the decision to cancel the market as the snow was bad where he was.
The frustrating thing was, that where I was was bathed in sunshine! I don't take a decision to cancel lightly, especially in the last few days before Christmas and having the worst trading year since I started six years ago.
In the seventies, the snow ploughs had several feet of snow piled each side of the road and we all still got the school! Now we have half an inch and the weather forecasters warn that we shouldn't go out unless our lives depended on it. Carol Kirkwood and her kind have done so much damage to businesses like mine my sensationalizing the smallest bit of weather news. Right. Rant over.
If anyone desperately needed to buy something from me today and can't get back into town before Christmas then do e-mail me as I'll try and accommodate.I've made a lot of stock (that, funnily enough, I still have) so I can get some things sent out at the weekend.
And to anyone who also listened to the forecasters then enjoy your day off- I shall certainly try!

And whatever the weather tomorrow, you can bet that the traders will be there on the last saturday before Christmas- I'm not looking at the forecast!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Hello all. I've been neglecting my blog for a little while to gear up for Christmas. I'm planning on being on All Saints from thursday 17th to thursday 24th December, excluding the sunday where I'll be on the main market, of course. Hardly worth packing away each night really- might as well sleep in the stall! Mum will be heartily sick of me as I'll be staying with her most of the week, bless her.
Christmas day I plan to be asleep in my Christmas dinner...