Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Yay! Managed to get the photo up!

Doesn't it look pretty?!
As much as I love the snow I want it to go away before the weekend! Unless you all want to shop online this year and save me getting cold...
now that would be nice!
To that end, I do promise to put more goodies online in the next few days, including some lovely labradorite one-off necklaces for the festive season.
They will appear here instead of on my main website as I don't have a separate page for one-offs unless it's blue amber.
It's about time I paid more attention to my website!


  1. I'm TOTALLY fed up with the beeping snow! Last year's disruption is far too fresh in my mind to enjoy it at all so early this year.

    Deliveries of materials not arriving, Geoff (and Martin!) unable to work and if it stops me getting to Cambridge on Saturday, I am gonna be very mad. :-(