Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Butterflies again...

I love my camera- it makes my photos looks so good!
Rushed upstairs to get my camera and this little fella stayed put rather helpfully! Beautiful colour- pretty sure it's a Common Blue but I'm open to other suggestions. Seen lots of Brimstone this year (the pretty yellow one) that seems to be the butterfly of the year instead of the Painted Lady.
Really should be making stock after a sucessful weekend both at the market and at the Cambridge Rock Festival. Will do that again next year!
Maybe not drop a heavy board on my foot next year as it made my enjoyment of the music on sunday a little harder!
I have two very bruised toes on my right foot- I'll refrain from photographing them, even though they are also a very pretty blue colour!


  1. Ah, and it appears ...! Beautiful :-) A Comma (butterfly comma, not the punctuation mark), landed on my hand yesterday afternoon. I stopped to marvel at it's wonderfully raggety wings.

    Owch on the foot front, they'd only just got better from tripping over that tree hadn't they? Hope it wasn't the same one.

  2. Just wanted to say that it was lovely to meet you at the market last weekend. I'm loving the earrings and I'm having great fun exploring your website.

    (the not quite Australian girl)