Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Prize draw- win a piece of blue amber!

Here's how:

I'm involved in a new initiave called Ermine Street Project which aims to create opportunites for filmmaking talent in the area east of the A1 from The Wash to South Yorkshire. It's a not-for-profit organisation where all profits from films and documentaries are ploughed back into subsequent projects. We'll be working closely with Kahbyah Films to create exciting new work and create paid opportunites for those working in the area, including new graduates who normally have to work for nothing to gain experience.
To that end, I am donating this piece of blue amber as a prize in a draw to be held in Cambridge to raise funds. Another draw will be organised for Lincolnshire too with other prizes. In fact, more prizes will be added to both draws so watch this space!
To buy a raffle ticket, it will cost you £1.00. Arcturus will be paying the Paypal fees and passing on each £1.00 to the project. Simply click on the button below. You will be allocated a ticket which will be put into the draw. More information on what Ermine Street Project do will be posted shortly. Winners will be contacted and a list of winners will be available here and on Ermine Street's website when it is up and running very shortly.
The draw will be held on saturday, 15th August 2009.
*Please note- the opportunity to purchase online raffle tickets is now closed. You can still purchase raffle tickets up until 3.30pm on saturday from me at the stall on saturday 15th August


  1. Good name for the project! I have bought my ticket, can I buy more than one?

  2. Of course you can!
    At the moment I haven't got a Paypal basket up there so you'd have to do each one as a separate purchase, but I might try and add one very soon.
    After all, the more you enter, the more chances you have!

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